As part of the graduate course: Advanced Product Design Methodology, we explored design thinking (ideation, functional decomposition, QFD, morphological charts) and geometric dimensioning & tolerancing (GD&T) techniques. Numerous projects were done to increase our expertise over these important topics of product design. The training allowed us to actually understand the design process behind using CAD/CAE tools for product design.

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Product development of automated basketball return machine


Generated function decomposition of the problem and generated solutions for each sub-problem by applying TRIZ principles. Analyzed the feasibility and the cost of the generated solutions from individual subsystems, by applying utility based decision theories and by taking into consideration the explicit and implicit user based constraints and demands. Carried out motion study analysis of the ball using MATLAB and modeled the components using SolidWorks and analyzed the components for failure using ANSYS by considering the basic rules of embodiment design.


Design of powertrain system of an ATV


Designed the powertrain system of an ATV by taking into consideration the user demands on some performance parameters like terrain, gradability. mileage and payload capacity. Modeled and simulated using MATLAB to analyze the effect of engine type, tire type, suspension setting, wheel base, track width and user defined parameters to optimize the gear selection procedure that would minimize the fuel consumption for efficient performance.


Design and fabrication of Autonomous Vehicle


Built the 12x6x6 inch vehicle without using programmable circuit. Automated the vehicle using cams, gears and elastic springs; Analyzed the cam and wheel dimensions using MATLAB to arrive at optimum values to complete the designated path (path 8) in the shortest time possible.

Boeing 787: A Case Study of the Dreamliner 

Perform a detailed case study of Boeing 787. Analyze the product design decisions taken by the engineering team and take into account the market impact. Suggest possible steps that could have mitigated the engineering and management issues faced by the company.


Design Portfolio