Hi! I'M yatiraj.

i'm a mechanical engineer.



Substituted Prototyping
Inertial Tracking
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about me,

I’m Yatiraj, an inquisitive engineer building cool stuff in Mixed-Initiative Design Lab @ TAMU. I have always been fascinated by mechanical design and am continuously honing my expertise. I am ever curious about the process of design thinking, I find it engaging to understand the design choices and innovations that pave the path to great products.

At MIDL I have been introduced to  HCI research and am intrigued by the avenues for creative expression afforded by this field. This has also enlightened me to the importance of maintaining an expressive archive. I was forever loathe to document my projects systematically, now I plan to rectify this. I intend to use this site to share my work and also to double as my portfolio.

Apart from the mundane preoccupations that inflict the life of an engineer, I take time to appreciate*:

1. A good book... though honestly, I suffer from episodes of binge-reading anything in my field of view. Even a bike manual.

2. A good movie....especially neo-noir action flicks. Occasionally leading to brain freeze (due to the absurdity of it all) and vigorous debates with my buddies.

3. A good workout..... I love gym. Thanks Yogi!

*Not necessarily in that order

Feel free to drop by my lab if you are in TAMU. If you are not on campus, shoot me an email! I'd love to hear from you about design, robots or anything else.



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